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Schuster draws on more than 25 years of experience and rich technical background of the family-owned company, Beskid Plus. The parent company has more than 40,000 individual packaging designs dedicated to archiving in its inventory. Our products are used by libraries, museums and archives from the United States through Europe to China.


The brand owes its name to Rajmund Schuster, the gentleman standing in front of his townhouse in the photo above. He was a well-known stonemason and sculptor from Cieszyn. 

 Karolina and Gosia are heirs to his talent and artistic taste. The Schuster sisters have created a collection of stylish packaging products. They believe that every unique product needs an equally unique packaging.

Our values



Have you come across solid board boxes?

Their durability is estimated at 100 years.

Our raw materials are used to make boxes

that protect most valuable archival collections

in museums and libraries around the world


Whoever you talk to in our company, they really know a lot about boxes.

Most importantly, we provide a prototype

for verification. You avoid the risk of buying a

poorly designed box.




Do you want to stand out? 

Most of the cardboards on offer 

are produced exclusively for the

Schuster brand




Schuster boxes are made from 

recycled fibre or virgin fibre 

paper materials. Both types

can be recycled.  




We use the waste collected in production

to make our own cardboard called Carta Francesco.

From the 4,500 kg clippings sent to the factory, we obtain

4000 kg of beautiful cardboard! Do you know of a manufacturer

that can boast the same?

Meet Karolina

Karolina is a graduate of Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts in Poznań (formerly known as the Academy of Fine Arts). Her works have been exhibited in galleries in Poland and abroad. For many years she ran workshops on modern art for children. While working with Beskid Plus, she noticed the possible applications of archival solid boards in the production of packaging for everyday objects. She believes that a good design is one that not only pleases the customer but also meets their budget. The subject of packaging is also present for her outside work. Her husband Piotr manages sales of archival storage products at Beskid Plus. The best testers for Schuster designs are their four children and Kava-Kava, the family's Spanish water dog. 




Meet Gosia

After graduating from university and receiving a diploma in garden architecture, she spent over a decade creating landscaping designs. She has been working with Beskid Plus for several years. She is the mind behind many sophisticated boxes for the most valuable collections in various museums, libraries and archives all over the world.  Currently, she applies her experience developing elaborate packaging designs for the Schuster brand. She is our supergirl, always there to perform special tasks and develop innovative solutions. CAD software has no secrets from her - she can conjure up any project using it. Gosia's passion is horse-riding and her favourite horse is Enfield. She has two cats and four rats, which she takes care of together with her boys - her husband and her son.



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